Welcome to GALLAGHER

GALLAGHER, with over 36 years of experience in heavy lifting solutions, offers first class mobile crane services to a variety of industries in the UAE.

Having one of the most reliable fleets of mobile cranes in the UAE, Gallagher offers a wide range of equipment to cater the most sophisticated, delicate and surgical lifting requirements. Gallagher can satisfy all its customers’ lifting requirements with capabilities of the highest level.

The Crane Rental Service is the core business of the company, with mobile cranes ranging from 30Ton to 500Ton and trailers of varying lengths, capacities and forklifts can be supplied as required by clients. Gallagher continues to invest highly in new technology cranes to serve its customers more efficiently and effectively. Gallagher maintains a high position as an industry leader, it has qualified personnel to overlook Health, Safety & Environment issues, a Heavy Cranes Lifting Manager and a qualified Technical Department to produce detailed AUTO-CAD drawings all working congruently to provide best services and outcomes.

Over the years, the company has evolved itself constantly to accommodate the rapid expansion of its prestigious customer base, both within the UAE and the Middle East. Using market strategy coupled with firm commitment to our customers' requirement, Gallagher is continuously adapting itself to meet the growing demands in the market.

In addition to our 'long and short' term hire rates, we offer around the clock 7 days service and support. All our equipment are maintained to the highest standards, they carry accredited UAE Equipment Test Certificates and we have dedicated service engineers to minimize our equipment's downtime. Our equipments' operators are trained to comply with strict safety standards; we train them in-house by our engineers from the manufacturer's factory and HSE executives.

We offer our major services in the fields of:

  • Marine 
  • Port
  • Heavy industry and manufacturing
  • Construction


Message from GM
Dubai is second only to Shanghai in terms of crane demand. And that can only be good for a company like Gallagher that specialises in heavy lifting solutions.

Our trademark green mobile cranes can be seen everywhere in the UAE. During the last twenty years Gallagher’s services have contributed significantly to the region’s remarkable transformation and ascendance into world prominence.                                                   

We are extremely privileged and proud to be part of this miracle and we will constantly ensure that our engineering excellence and exemplary services will continue to satisfy the discerning needs of the UAE’s construction as well as the other industries.             
Pieter J. Venter
General Manager